Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Work In Progress II


 To be complacent simply means to be self satisfied. Being self satisfied is not a bad thing i mean if you achieve all the goals you set out to achieve for the day you have the right to be satisfied with yourself but the aspect I'm referring to is when you become too complacent and then become stagnant      because you feel like you have arrived. the truth is nobody really arrives there is no point in life when one feels 'oo i am ok i don't want anything again' the reason being is that the human wants are insatiable. In as much as being paranoid is not always the best but in this case some level of paranoia is allowed NB: i am not saying that it is good to be paranoid I'm just saying that a little paranoia won't hurt.
  INDOLENCE:basically just being lazy; bottom line set your priorities straight and work hard if not, your life would be a mess😐

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