Friday, 2 December 2016

Outfit of the day (OOTD)

This out fit was originally put together by me around Christmas last year but I was going through my archives and saw it again and I was like "this actually looks really nice" so I decided to just leave it here 😋 .details of the out fit would be mentioned below. There's something about hounds tooth prints that drive me crazy.
     These are not the clearest pictures but please bear with me.
About the outfit:
Dress: Select
Shoes: New look
Jacket: unknown source
    So I paired a hounds tooth print dress with simple black ankle boots   and threw a jacket on top and with a littlebit of jewellery the look came alive. This look was really effortless and I think it'll  be great for nights out with friends or a date. Tell me what you guys think about my look. Bye loves...


All I see here is beauty personified. I absolutely loved this collaboration with @  I just tried to create a really soft but still glam look. I loved how innocent she looked yet mature. This still remains one of my fave looks this year and yes photography by @ 😚. I hope you guys like it too, have a great day loves and anticipate new blog updates very soon ciao.