Thursday, 1 September 2016

My skin care routine💯

Ok guys so I've been using a couple of products (mainly herbal) for my skin and the results have been awesome.

    1. ACV(apple cider vinegar) :- is a really good skin toner, it can be a bit harsh tho so i dilute mine with water and a little honey. I apply it only at night because i feel like thats when it works the most plus i put on make up in the morning and I'm not sure how my skin would react with much chemicals all at once.
    2. Shea butter:- shea butter has a really wide range of uses, it can be used to: 

  • repair dry skin
  • clear eczema
  • heal skin allergies, clear sunburns, wrinkles and blemishes to mention a few. So, with that said i guess its quite evident why i use shea butter on my skin 😁.  

  1. EXTRACT:- This soap is made from papaya and calamansi. I discovered this product in 2014 from my friend; i tried it for a while but i was too scared to continue because i thought it'd make me lighter in complexion. But this year i saw a lot of reviews on it online and i decided to try it and it works perfectly for fading dark spots I've used it for a short while now and the results are nice. Yes it is a lightening soap but so far i don't think it lightens dark skin or at least it didn't lighten mine or my friends' and other dark skin people who put out their reviews online.    
  2. Bio oil:- While using this product you must learn to be patient because it works gradually it can take a month before you see a result depending on your skin type but one thing is certain, it works 💯. It fades spots, scars and stretch marks.
  3. Cucumber:- this is not something i don't regularly make use of, but when i have the chance to i do. It revives the eyes, supplies lots of minerals that are good for the skin + its delicious and healthy too.
Well thats all about my skincare routine, Its really not difficult to follow and it works. I hope this post is the answer to someones skin problems. lots of love guys 💕... bye.

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