Tuesday, 12 September 2017

glycerine and rose water ft glam's body scrub

Hey guys, it's been too long but today I have something good to share with you and it's a skin care product review as indicated by the title. So let's get to it. Starting with the glycerine and rose water 
I got this product from med plus at new Spar mall for about 1,500 naira. It can also be gotten at any local pharmacy around you. I love this product because it's really mild I use it around my eye area and it doesn't give any tingling sensation meaning that it is alcohol free. Glycerine is a really good product for the skin  it balances oily skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes and rose water helps the skin remain soft and glowy (idk about you guys but I'm here for the glow💁🏽). I really like this product because it doesn't leave your skin dry it literally just sits into your pores and makes your skin feel refreshed.

 Glam's body scrub 
Yo! You guys this body scrub is the truth no jokes. It made my skin feel like baby skin after I used it I got it for 1,800 at the same pharmacy and I also got a free tub too soo it was a good deal. On the tub it says that it's a micro peeling  body scrub and that it has vitamin B5 and removes dead skin cells. In my honest opinion I think they really did a good job with the formula. 
 That's it for this post guys I'd love to know what you guys think about the above mentioned products and any other skin care product suggestion you might have for me.
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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Things in my bag➰

Hey loves,

   Today I decided to post something a little personal and the tag I chose Was The "things in my bag" tag. If you follow me on instagram then by now you know about my love for bags. If you don't then what are you waiting for? Let's connect. IG: @c_oo_kie.
   Let's get to it. So the first item in my bag is my charger because my phone is like my shadow I carry it every where I go (no jokes..everywhere).
2- The second most important item is my earpiece because I love listening to music plus It's a great way to avoid unnecessary talk with people (lol don't judge me). By the way I'm currently loving "questions" by Chris Brown.

3- Number three has to be tissues because you never know when you need to blot excess oil from your face; people who have oily skin know the struggle. Plus you never know when you need to clean stuff.

4- The fourth one has to be lip gloss and lip balm because I always have chapped lips and that's not pretty.

5- the fifth important thing has to be compact powder and a fluffy brush for all the makeup touch ups during the day.

6- sanitary pads. OK believe it or not I never go anywhere without one of those because I know how it feels to need one and there's non in sight so I decided to start being the sanitary pad saint 😁.

7- perfume, I love it when I smell nice like It's literally the first thing I notice when I meet new people so I make it my duty to always carry tester size bottles for random touch ups during the day.

8- sanitizer, the need for this can never be overemphasised It's a great way to avoid getting sick. If there's no water and soap available I easily reach out and grab my bottle of sanitizer.

9- hand and nail lotion, I always get ashy on my feet before It's noon so a tiny tube of lotion always helps me.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post I had fun writing it. I'd love to know what and what are your everyday staples.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Ankara flared blouse 💜🖤💜

Hey loves, it has been a hot minute and I'm excited to be posting again. So today I decided to style an Ankara piece for you lovely people and although the weather didn't want me to be great today I  still overcame 😁 thank God.

   So I today I styled a flared ankara blouse with bootcut trousers, heels, a turban and a belt. The blouse was made by my very talented seamstress @mizenyi on instagram. I really wanted to try out the flare style myself because It's a trend that definitely returned and it seemed really nice. I love the fact that it seems playful yet serious and can be worn to any sort of occasion depending on how you pair it ie  either with trousers or a skirt.

   I was going for a fun but serious look so I paired it with trousers and a turban. The blouse came with a belt but being me I improvised using the belt as a turban accessory and putting a random black belt in place of its original belt.

  I used about 2yards of material in making the blouse just incase anyone is wondering and it was really affordable too. I hope you like what I've created.  Ciao❤❤

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

How to style a plain white shirt ✨✨💫

Hello loves, so todays post is a "how to style" and the object of choice today is a plain white shirt. A plain white shirt is one of those basic wardrobe essentials that every girl should have, but sometimes it gets annoying when you don't know how to make it look stylish. So today I've decided to show you guys a few ways that are really cool to style a plain white shirt. 💙💙
Shoes : primark (Black brogues) animal print ( Steve Madden)
  Denim jacket : boshkosh b'gosh
White shirt : F&F - Tesco
  Accessories: - Primark
  Sling bag :- new look
  jeans: (white : Primark)  blue :- thrifted

   Please feel free to comment about the looks in the comment section below ☺.
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Monday, 7 August 2017

OOTD 🌸 sunday

Hi guys, for my outfit today I paired  black strapped heels with a denim Ankara midi skirt and a blue off the shoulder bandage dress. I was going for a classy yet demure look.
Bandage dress: Primark
Heels: Primark
Ankara midi skirt : custom made

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Rant series 🗣 (1)

People come into your life trying to change who you are. Telling you who to love and who not to and even if they don't tell you who to love they direct you on how to love who you love. Like WTF is that. And the funny thing is you actually start re addressing your ways. Its just pathetic how much peoples opinions mean to us sometimes. The truth is, friends or foes at the end of the day its only you you've got because life is too short to not be yourself. You're only you in the universe and you can't be 2 period and if you decide to love with all your heart then do it but if not then just do you. Don't let people push you to make very stupid impulsive decisions just to prove a point. Don't let people decide who you are. Don't let people who have little integrity with matters of life drive you to doing crazy stuff. Surprise them.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The rant series 🗣

Sometimes I try as much as possible to not say hey or hi or any other form of greeting when starting my posts because I'm very certain that I'm the only person who reads my posts but oh well; it doesn't really matter. In time all things meant to be will be but until then we live.
   By the title of this post I'm sure you already know what its about. I've decided to start a rant series talking about random things that annoy me or make me happy and I also hope it helps some other person realize that its completely normal to feel the way they do.
PS; I don't know how many rants that'll be in this series yet.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

How to look expensive💰💎 on a budget

There are really annoying moments as a college student or a university student when you run out of money before its time to get your monthly allowance. And then there's the struggle to always deliver via appearance; well fear no more because you're not alone.                                                                   Over time I've discovered ways to not look like  my failing account balance soo I gat you😁.           Top 6 ways to look expensive :1) flawless skin :- this has to be the most important step because  if you have nice skin all other things would fall into place so darling drink lots of water, eat fruits,exfoliate, avoid unhealthy stuff because you are what you eat. I know that sounds corny but it's true.                                 2) Personal hygiene & grooming 💆💇💅👄:- okay so seriously cut your nails, brush your teeth  nobody likes talking to anyone with uncomfortable stench coming from their mouth 😰😷. Make it easier for everyone and yourself. Smell nice 🌺 it adds to your allure . Keep your hair neat and tidy wash regularly and style.                                                                                                                           3) Stick to basics:- plain white tees are literally your best friends, light colored jeans, patterned materials once in a while and minimal jewelry. Generally though find out what works best for your body type and wear them. Know your angles.                                                                                                                             4) Invest in one or two expensive stuff 🎁:- treat yourself to nice expensive stuff. I like to refer to them as timeless pieces, it could be a wrist watch, an expensive bag, a piece of jewelry, a gadget  or anything really. They automatically boost your appearance no matter how casual or laid back you look.                                           5) Always wear makeup:- Nothing over the top; mascara, well groomed brows and nude lips will do. Makeup helps you look put together not to mention, pretty too.                                                             6) Confidence:- the importance of being self confident can never be over emphasized because even when you put on millions of dollars and you aren't confident it's useless.                                               I hope someone finds these tips helpful.💛💙💜💚


Hey loves, its  Sunday today meaning its a new week. And this is also my first post this month. I wanted to just take this time to remind us of how mindful God is of us,  to remind us how faithful He has been to us regardless of our short comings. The truth is we don't deserve His mercy but He loves us still.
      For this week I just want to encourage us to spend each day with the consciousness of the Holy Spirit with us and see how much difference it makes being aware of His presence all the time.

I'll leave a link below to my favorite song of the week. Title : what can I do
            Artist : Tye Tribbett

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Keep Going

Does anyone else ever feel like they are not growing, like you've been in the same spot for too long. Running round in circles and never getting to a real destination. Well it hurts. It hurts especially when you know you're making effort when you know that you are trying your best. Why do some ppl have it easy and others not so much. Why does everything have to be Soo damn hard. The whole charade of having your life together might not be a lie because very few people get very lucky. On that note however I'd say that things get hard sometimes but don't stress over them because you'll go crazy (literally ). Let's go bit by bit a single step each day because you know; finally success is a sum of tiny seemingly insignificant decisions that add up so don't stop pushing your break will come.


Hey guys, I know it's been forever since I posted and for that I'm sorry. But hopefully I'll be able to start posting consistently from this month. I've had a lot on my plate recently and it hasn't been funny at all *sighs. Anyways I have a list of stuff I want to post on here so anticipate. Lots of love. 
PS it's a new day which means you can always start over...

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International day for Women👧👩👵

Hey loves, it's women appreciation day today and I wanted to post a lil something here so here goes nothing...    Dear beautiful brown girl this post is for you from an ardent believer in the power of the feminine mind. You can do anything you set your mind to don't let them tell you otherwise. You're made of gold and you sprinkle ice crystals every where you go because your heart is made of precious diamond💎. You are hurt yet you smile, you face adversity and still walk dauntless. There's no pretty face without a story no success without a struggle and so darling today I urge you to stand tall, chase your dreams because you can. Let your scars propel you and let the past inspire you. Dearest brown girl you're simply magical ✨✨✨. Now that that's done I also wanted to tell you guys how excited I am for 2017 and all the amazing ideas I have for my blog. It's been a really slow process but hopefully it'll be worth it. #It'sgonbelit🔥.