Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Work In Progress

     Okay so i decided to write about this because i got inspired  by someone. Anyway Let me start by listing out a few things i would be talking about.
  3. FAKEITUDE ie fake +attitude (i learnt it from a youtuber @Tobe Nneji). 
I was soo eager to write this post that i almost forgot to brush my teeth and yes i am aware that its 2:38pm but there are days like this when you just stay in bed all day. Anyway enough of the digression  so it is time (in Rafiki's voice from lion king).
   Starting with the term packaging;
          we all know that the way things are packaged make them more attractive and hence get more attention than the less attractive ones so also humans . Consciously or unconsciously we all tend to admire people that probably look good from afar and sometimes secretly long to be their friends but the question is this what happens when you get close to that person and discover that he/she is empty that it was really only the package, well naturally disappointment sets in and we now see through all the glitz and glam that once blinded us. LESSON: do not judge a book by its cover or rather do not judge people by the way they look period. But this doesn't mean that we should not look good and try to improve ourselves in various ways of course we must look good i mean (slaying is a necessity  😉) but then again you can't just look good and have nothing to offer you have to improve your self in all aspects so that everything is in equilibrium and people would have a good reason to stick around.which brings me to my next sub heading...

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