Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Ankara flared blouse 💜🖤💜

Hey loves, it has been a hot minute and I'm excited to be posting again. So today I decided to style an Ankara piece for you lovely people and although the weather didn't want me to be great today I  still overcame 😁 thank God.

   So I today I styled a flared ankara blouse with bootcut trousers, heels, a turban and a belt. The blouse was made by my very talented seamstress @mizenyi on instagram. I really wanted to try out the flare style myself because It's a trend that definitely returned and it seemed really nice. I love the fact that it seems playful yet serious and can be worn to any sort of occasion depending on how you pair it ie  either with trousers or a skirt.

   I was going for a fun but serious look so I paired it with trousers and a turban. The blouse came with a belt but being me I improvised using the belt as a turban accessory and putting a random black belt in place of its original belt.

  I used about 2yards of material in making the blouse just incase anyone is wondering and it was really affordable too. I hope you like what I've created.  Ciao❤❤

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